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Dog Collar Designs was formed  by Jenny  Kemp in November 2011. Jenny lives in Cheshire England with her husband Alan and their gorgeous Hungarian Vizsla's, Bea, Ruby and Toffee.  
Jenny is a Quality Assurance Manager by profession but has always had a keen interest in all things art and design.  Coming from a creative family Jenny has enjoyed the opportunity to put into practice some of her natural talent. 
Jenny and Alan are actively involved in the vizsla community and enjoy spending time with the North West Viz Wizz gang. A group of fellow vizsla owners that get together regularly to walk their lovely gingers and to raise money for Vizsla Welfare and Rescue.  To say they love their gingers is an understatement!!  The group works hard to educate and help novice Vizsla owners as well as lend support to fellow members.  If you are interested in the breed or would like more information about Viz Wizzes please contact her at and she'll be delighted to help.
Dog Collar Designs -The Story so far!
Disappointed with the designs available on the High Street and the Web there just didn't seem to be the superior quality product Jenny was looking for to adorn her pampered pooches. So, using Jenny's flare for colour and design the idea for Dog Collar Designs was born.
                                                                                                        Bea testing her Hippy Dayz collar
Investing hours of research and trawling websites at home and abroad for the best quality hardwear, fabrics, webbing and ribbon Jenny started on a small scale, creating designs for Bea and Ruby, testing all the collars to ensure they could cope with everything two energetic Vizsla's could throw at them. Happy that the collars met Jenny and Alan's personal high standards, Jenny began to supply the collars to friends and family to gauge opinion on designs and quality.  The response was truly overwhelming!   So, in November 2011 Dog Collar Designs was launched with the aim to provide a superior quality product with decorative appeal to the dog loving general public.      
One of Dog Collar Designs first collars and still very
popular today  the Biddy Bee Little Red Indian collar!
Collars 006
In only a short space of time, Dog Collar Designs has proved itself in the handmade canine couture market, supplying individually handcrafted collars and leads to several hundred satisfied customers all over the world.
As a result of Dog Collar Designs success, Jenny is proud to have been able to help raise nearly £6000  through sales and donations of products since December 2011 for various canine rescue and welfare organisations.  Giving something back to the canine community is very important to Jenny and Dog Collar Designs will continue to help raise much needed funds in the future.
                           TESTING TIME!!!  Bea, Ruby and Toffee doing what they do best.
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Dog Collar Designs welcomes the opportunity to deliver a personal service teamed with a top quality product. 


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